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Responding quickly, appropriately and accurately to rapidly changing conditions is the key to professional success and personal satisfaction. Developing innovative responses and creative strategies hinges on the level of awareness and flexibility of leadership and their ability to embody and project personal power.

Personal Power is not about "power over". It is not situational or dependent on position. It is inherently personal, and it can be learned.

Our efforts to respond fully, in the moment, are typically side-tracked and blocked by untested beliefs, patterns of thought and behavior, and preconceived notions. We become unknowing victims of the past and of "introspective hesitation".

Personal Power is the basis for active insight and clarity and the ability to master our interactive skills and performance. It creates a real transformation in those that practice.

Bringing up the concept of personal power, or personal energy in a business setting has, in years past, been somewhat taboo. Teaching it had been relegated to the fringes of leadership development. But leaders and others we meet have nonetheless had it along along. We call them "influential". They feel "solid". We feel stronger and better having been in contact with them. They make a difference. And they get results. In a recent article on GE Renewal, personal energy was discussed as a theme for leadership, future growth and energizing the global team.



"The expansion of personal power is focused on increasing the depth and sensitivity of our conscious awareness and ability to take action through contemplation and experiential investigation of mind, perception, self and being.

Often such pursuits are limited to belief systems and dogma. We aim for a direct personal experience of the truth regarding everything we encounter. 

It's important to remember that none of this is meant to be presented as factual to be believed or not. The purpose here is to offer directions and possibilities for your own exploration and investigation. Remember, the pursuit is to question and discover for yourself what is actually so..."

-Peter Ralston, Cheng Hsin


Personal Power is, well, personal. It's developed by continuous open questioning of issues that arise, and of ourselves as we respond; by experiential inquiry. We do know if we don't have it at all, or on a given day, things don't go right. Its a bad day. At home and at work. The good news is that there's nothing wrong with the day. The real answer provides the basis for high functioning, authentic happiness and mastery.


Developing Personal Power

So how do we teach something that is intensely personal and does not depend on asking anyone to believe anything extra? We don't look at this as teaching anything (although we use excellent experiential tools). We facilitate a conscious inquiry process directed at our own awareness and experience of self. We explore and provide gateways for experiencing the creative and clear "zone".

We start with a basic useful concept, that of Being vs. Doing.

We have been reinforced and rewarded since childhood, continuing on to our business career, for our ability to do the next right thing and do it well. We have become quite good at doing external things, particularly if those things don't change dramatically or too quickly. This focus and expertise has come at the expense of our internal skills, our emotional intelligence our and sense of 'being".

When circumstances change quickly or we are confronted with issues that differ dramatically from the norm, we may not have the internal centering ability, the "bandwidth" or the grounding to meet these challenges with flexibility in real-time. We have little experience (at least in business) with "being".

We resort to old solutions and past patterns and beliefs which no longer apply, go into denial or fall victim to "introspective hesitation". Too little too late.

Value Staging facilitates the development of the Being aspect of our business lives in the service of rapid and creative solutions to today's changing issues. We integrate Personal Power with structured process methodology for breakthrough results.


Personal Power: Being and Doing


Gateways to Personal Power

There are many ways to facilitate the experience, exploration and development of personal power. We employ a number of the most powerful gateways, allowing participants to find the ones most suited for them. They can include meditation, music & sound, movement, cognitive shifts and relaxation.

Our workshops and offsites include key "Being" or centering modules followed immediately by strategy and structured process improvement "Doing" sessions. Creativity at work. Results have been dramatic.

Let us help you find your creative Zone.

Authentic Happiness

A major benefit of developing personal power is the tendency and increased capacity to be happy. Less is weighing us down. Our authentic sense of well-being is more accessible.

Dr. Marty Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center has an excellent way to

learn more about what makes you productive, interested and happy.


Make some time for yourself.

Click Here and take the Authentic Happiness test. Enjoy.


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