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Real Breakthroughs are Transformative

They combine Innovation, the personal power and energy of staff and leadership, and rapid, expert implementation.

Breakthroughs actualize and expand the value of the Brand, increase the capacity to deliver and exceed customer expectations and to effectively generate more revenue. And to increase the levels of both customer and employee satisfaction.

One of the most perplexing and frustrating things we experience in business is hitting a ceiling, seemingly unable to break through a revenue or market share level despite our best efforts. We may want to grow the business. We may want to acquire additional capital and investment, float a stock offering or acquire or divest. We need to generate results and show upward momentum to achieve our goals.

There is a story about a man coming upon his friend under a streetlight, looking for his lost car keys. The man helps his friend look for a while and finally admits that he can’t find them either. The friend replies, “That’s because they’re not here; I lost them down the block. I’m just looking here because the light’s better.”

We have a tendency to look for breakthroughs where the light is better, whether that be in our comfort zone of product development or technology or maintaining client relationships. The solution, like the car keys, may lie elsewhere, in the structure, processes and culture of the company itself -- in the communication and relationships inside the company and with the value chain and stakeholders.

Value Staging experts work to identify opportunities and uncover and prioritize the solutions in all zones of the business and facilitate the needed improvements.

We meet opportunities with innovation.

An example of how we work

A medium sized technology company on the West Coast had fallen badly behind their competition in developing and getting new versions of software to their customers. Their excessive time-to-market business process was costing them market share, rate of service renewals and had adversely impacted customer satisfaction. Everyone seemed to be working well in his or her own function and improvements in technology had marginal effect. In just one month, using our integrated methodology, we reorganized their communication flow and reworked their internal development handoff & delivery process, shaving over 50% off their time-to-market and helping them to recapture their segment leadership. There was nothing wrong with their technology; the problem was in their internal communication and handoffs, and customer specification and customer-touch processes.

Value Staging Gives You

  • A one-stop shop for creating measurable organizational value and competitive advantage
  • The best planning and organizational development methodology on the business
  • GE and Big 5 quality methods scaled and targeted to small, medium and F500 business units
  • Integration of the crucial elements of change: Personal Power, Innovation and Expert Implementation
  • Rapid development of clear, executable action steps
  • An easy to work with team, mentors and coaches

Let us help you look in the Right Place for your Breakthrough. Let us help you Achieve it. 

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